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Manit Pitroda

Managing Director

Welcome to PropertyWiser.


PropertyWiser helps busy professionals secure their financial future and grow their wealth by providing an end-to-end property investment service completely hands-free to live a life with freedom and choice.

PropertyWiser service involves acquiring tired, below-market value properties, developing and improving them to improve the quality of housing and standard of living within the local community, whilst benefiting you, the investor with high returns at a much lower level of risk. 

Advice around property investing can sometimes feel overwhelming and complicated but it doesn't need to be. Too often investment advice is circling around terms such as yields and ROI (return on investment), which can get confusing for many people, especially because it can mean different things to different people. 

I often get investors asking us questions such as:

  • What rate of returns can I expect from Buy-to-Let's, when compared to banks?

  • How do I invest in property if I don't have time or don't know where and how to?

  • What type of property should I invest in?

  • How can I create a portfolio?

  • Is it safe to invest in property now?

  • What does financial freedom look like?

  • How can I leave a legacy for my children?

  • How can I have a good income when I retire?

My advice on these questions is always based around understanding your long term goals and desired lifestyle. Buy-to-Let is the single most powerful wealth building strategy that has helped many investors reach their goals whether it was for financial security, passive income or travelling around the world!

Whether you are looking to get a better return on your hard-earned money, to save time using our hands-free property investment service, or are just interested in finding out more, this all starts with a conversation. I highly encourage you to book a 15 minute free consultation call by clicking below.

Our mission is to provide our investors with the highest quality service filled with professionalism, honesty, integrity and passion. We want to help you get your money work harder for you so you can keep more of it, and help you reach your financial goals faster. Click below for an unbiased friendly consultation.



Wouldn't it be great to keep making money 24/7 even whilst you sleep...?

Property  can do this by simply giving you a paycheck at the end of each month. 

You earn through property in 3 ways:

  1. Rental Income

  2. Capital Appreciation

  3. Rental Appreciation

We all understand the current situation with our economy. We are going into a recession, unemployment is on the rise, interest rates are at their lowest and this means that money saved in banks, ISAs and bonds is not performing the way you deserve it to. In the meantime whilst the property prices are starting to go down in value, it presents a huge buying opportunity for smart investors to make the most of these below market value properties. Property prices over a long term will always have an upward trend, as they have done consistently for the past 40 years. The current economic conditions provide a unique opportunity in itself, and the investment opportunity of this decade. 

A good property investment can serve you well over the long term by ensuring it gets the care and attention at the start. A great investment that has been purchased below-market-value through financial due-diligence, refurbished to a good quality standard by an educated developer, and is professionally managed will outperform an asset that does not undergo a similar level of scrutiny.

By providing the required tools and service to make your investments in property as profitable as possible, we can help both new and experienced investors realise fantastic returns, grow wealth, and generate a passive income right where it belongs... in your pocket! From finding the right properties, to building your portfolio, providing you with education around property, and even providing you with advice on how to save money on utility bills, PropertyWiser can help grow your business to new levels and help accelerate the process of achieving your financial goals.

If making money whilst you sleep sounds desirable, investing in property is the way to go. Property investment is waiting to make your money work harder for you, and PropertyWiser can get this started tomorrow.


Neil, London

Manit has helped me understand the various opportunities that are available to invest in the Midlands and especially the benefits when compared to other asset classes.

Being extremely busy, I wan't to invest in property but don't have the available time or the knowledge of the area's. I found the service PropertyWiser is providing is particularly beneficial to someone like myself as it includes:

1. Finding an investment as per my requirement.

2. They pick up the keys and engage with professional trades to manage and complete the entire refurb of the property to an excellent standard. 

3. Manit provides access to his trusted legal team, broker and letting agent.

4. Oversees the letting process until tenanted.

Most importantly, I feel extremely confident in his service due to level of communication and transparency that is being offered at each stage. The experience would make it hassle-free.

Richard, London

I have been investing in property for five years using property sourcers but we found issues such as lack of communication or transparency, and when I wanted to accelerate our portfolio growth, thing's just weren't moving quick enough. Having now known Manit for many months, I highly recommend PropertyWiser as the right partner to help anyone looking to grow their portfolio especially if you are busy in full-time employment or running your business as the entire process would be relatively hands-off.

Manit focuses on spending some time at early stages to identify if your goals fit with what he is able to offer. I also feel confident with his ability to deliver the service!

Jay, Wolverhampton

I want to say a huge thankyou to Manit for helping me take my first steps into property investment. Manit is extremely knowledgeable and very good at his due diligence process. 

Nothing was too much to ask and I am pleased to say I will be getting a much higher return for my money than I would have without his help. I will definitely be using his service again.



Newport Street Leicester 3 bed Mid-terra

3 bed Mid-Terrace Property, Leicester

Purchase Price: £124,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £725

Yield: 7.0%

Return on Cash: 13%

Newport Street Leicester 2 bed Mid-terra

2 bed Mid-Terrace Property, Leicester

Purchase Price: £112,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £700

Yield: 7.5%

Return on Cash: 15%

Bosworth Street Leicester - 2 bed End of

2 bed End of Terrace Property, Leicester

Purchase Price: £120,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £650

Yield: 6.5%

Return on Cash: 11%

Hamilton Road Long Eaton -3 bed Semi-Det

3 bed Semi-Detached  Property, Long Eaton

Purchase Price: £110,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £625

Yield: 7.0%

Return on Cash: 12%

Judges St Loughborough -3 bed Mid-terrac

3 bed Mid-Terrace Property, Leicester

Purchase Price: £128,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £700

Yield: 6.6%

Return on Cash: 9.8%

Selbourne St Loughborough -3 bed Semi-De

3 bed Semi-Detached Property, Loughborough

Purchase Price: £135,000

Estimated Rent per Month: £700

Yield: 6.2%

Return on Cash: 11.5%




Do you have savings of £100k or more in the bank making you less than 8% per year?

If your bank is anything like ours, we get less than 0.5% in savings. When looking at an investment opportunity, an astute investor looks at 2 primary things: Security over their money, and a strong return on investment - how hard their money is working for them. Property investment provides both of these in abundance making it ideal for any investor especially in the current economic climate. 

With a significant lack of housing within the UK, PropertyWiser works with investors to give them better returns on their money on security backed loan agreements that would be used to invest towards property development opportunities that helps us build new homes as well as improve existing homes thereby providing a positive contribution to our communities.


The basis of investing in property comes from sourcing and acquisition of the property at the right price and in the right place. You make money when you buy the property - if done correctly. 

Many investors end up making rookie mistakes of buying a property themselves in an area that they are unfamiliar with, thinking they have found the perfect deal, but this is not the case in most instances. Knowing the investment area is one of the most important factors when it comes to making investment decisions. Securing the right property at the right price and location comes with time and expertise, and this is where we can help you.

At PropertyWiser we pride ourselves in growing our reputation as the world-class expert of the investment areas we focus on. This comes with a significant amount of market research and due diligence over time that helps us in making investment decisions. 


We understand that our clients have different goals, needs and wants from their investment. We therefore invest our time at an early stage to understand these requirements in order to provide a world class service and obtain optimum returns for their money. 

Our customers believe in our ability to deliver the service through effective communication, trust and acquiring the right property investment property for them by maintaining integrity and being ethical in our work practices. 


PropertyWiser offers a complete end-to-end project managed portfolio building service to existing and new investors. Whether you are looking for passive income or financial independence by making your money work harder for you, the portfolio building service is right for you if you are a busy professional who does not have the time, and want a hassle-free service to build a property portfolio. 

What can you expect from this service?

  • We work with you in outlining your goals, aspirations and work out a bespoke investment plan.

  • We source and acquire properties in line with your goals.

  • We project manage the legal conveyancing process until completion.​​

  • We pick up the keys and project manage the full refurbishment of the property through our trusted local trades team. A typical refurb may consist of:

    • Kitchen, Bathroom, Electrics, Plumbing, Decoration, Damp works, furniture & fittings (if required)​

  • We manage the lettings process with our trusted local letting agent until the property is tenanted.

  • We maintain complete transparency throughout the process through regular communication.

  • You benefit from a monthly cash-flow, equity in the property, and long term capital appreciation from your investment hassle-free.

We actively monitor the rental values, quality of properties and rental yields within the areas to ensure an optimum level of refurbishment can be planned to ensure better returns on money.

We are extremely passionate about the service we provide and committed to you in achieving your individual goals by helping people achieve financial security using property as an investment vehicle.